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Lifestyle & family

Lifestyle photography captures your family, your love, and your character, authentically. Genuine giggles at whatever makes your little one laugh the hardest right now. Their enthusiasm at showing off their favourite toy. The way they look at you. The games they play with their siblings. The way they run - the ensuing fall and tears!

Representing reality and personality in photographic form is something that can only be achieved with lifestyle. The props and set of a studio portrait can capture little more than appearance - personally, I want to look back on my family photos in years to come and remember how life truly was, not how a studio portrait made it appear. When you look back on old photos, is it the ‘stand there and say cheese’ pictures or the candids marked by belly laughs that you find yourself coming back to?

In these sessions I like to go on a walk or hang out with your family at a location that is sentimental to you. It could be a woodland walk or a park where your family have spent many sunny days making memories. If you can’t think of anywhere, that’s okay! We can choose a pretty place together. Or if you’d prefer, I can come to your home.

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